Good Night Ukraine
Acrylic, compressed charcoal on wood panel
48 in x 42.75 in x 1.5 in
Spring 2022


Dad’s Candy Cake
Acrylic, graphite, prismacolor on cotton rag
44 in X 42.75 in
Jan 2022


Ditch And Pretend
Acrylic, prismacolor, compressed charcoal, graphite on cotton rag
41.75 in X 42 in

In 2020/2021 I submitted a proposal to rework large older paintings in a series of “cover ups”. (Even though the proposal wasn’t chosen I’ve gone forward with the project). The paintings have older imagery or text peeking through.  Candy Cake and Ditch And Pretend are both reworks.  In Candy Cake you can see the writing below it and blue mostly covers the underlying cadmium yellow deep in Ditch And Pretend.