Royal We – Crown and Panties (sold)
Acrylic, graphite, underwear, drywall screws, pliers, saw blade, wood panel
Scribble lids
Acrylic, graphite, lids, paintbrushes, found metal, screws on wood panel
22.25 in x 24 in
Yellow and Gray Lids
Acrylic, graphite, bottle caps, plastic lids, paint can lids, cardboard, found metal, drywall screws, chopsticks on wood panel
23 in x 25.25 in x 2 in
Summer 2020
Lady Finder Set to Stun
Acrylic, graphite, prismacolor, museum board on wood panel
24 in x 30 in x 3 in
This piece pairs with Crestview is dissappearing/ trees flow into the arrows
Crestview Is Disappearing
Acrylic, graphite, wood, screws on wood panel
32 in x 36 in x 3 in
Everyday Sad Shit
Acrylic and graphite on wood panel
30 in x 24 in
Alligator in Cobra Pose
Acrylic, graphite, paper, glue, sharpie on wood panel
Fall 2018
16 in x 11 in
My Favorite Thing I Didn’t Like
Acrylic paint, graphite, spray enamel, broomstick handle, wood pieces, screws on wood panels
31.25 in x 61.5 in x 3.5 in
Dec 2018