Nightgown Spinner 2014
acrylic on wood panel, turntable
72 in x 36 in


Triangle Spinner 2014
acrylic on wood panel, turntable
72 in x 20 in
approx 102-104 in diameter span
The Security Game 2014
game spinner
Acrylic on panel, arrow carved from found wood, turntable
96 in x 48 in
Pick Me 2014
game spinner
acrylic on wood
65 in x 48 in


Dishes are my Hobby 2015
Acrylic on wood,
melamine bowls, wood and silicone tools, can opener,
screws, washers, nuts, turntable
50 in x 50 in

Copyright Cliona Gunter 2014

Spinners often start from found objects I find on the way to work. Things spinning can also represent things feeling out of control.
The Security Game and Pick me are analog game pieces.  I saw people making financial choices in a financially insecure world.
Pick me happened because I wasn’t getting chosen and I wanted to be chosen.  So I made a game piece where I was the only choice.
Web addresses for youtube spinner videos below:


triangle spinner  


nightie spinner   


West Austin Studio spinners 2014